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Exciting Albums Update

April 15, 2010

First of all, let me apologise for my extended absence. This is due to a culmination of moving house – and being without a reliable internet connection – losing my job, and going away skiing.

But back to the blogging, we’re roughly a third of the way through the year, so it’s probably about time for an update on my optimistic overview of the albums to look forward to in 2010.

Where to start? Well, how about one I didn’t predict – a new DJ Shadow album – yes, the good news comes from the Electronic Beats website, who are fairly low on details, but expect it to be out in time for his festival outings this summer. Ross Allen, A&R for Island Records, modestly states, “It could be the best one yet. Sampling as an art form is getting more refined, there is smoothness and soulfulness, and there are beats. Bare beats bruv!” Surely things can only get better again after the largely disappointing 2006 album, ‘The Outsider’.

Coming a close second in the excitement stakes is news that LCD Soundsystem‘s new album, ‘This is Happening’, has been leaked, and subsequently stuck up for streaming right here. The proper release date is the 17th of May and unfortunately will be their last, so it goes without saying that you should track them down on tour this year.

Another similar reaction to an album leak was of course made by MGMT last month, if you haven’t heard ‘Congratulations’ yet then you could go our and buy the thing (because they’re not planning to release any singles) or get your ears round it here.

On the compilations front, two of the most consistently brilliant mix makers, James’ Zabiela and Holden are both releasing new CD’s.  Out on the 19th of April, Zabiela’s third Renaissance comp has the broad remit of being themed ‘Life’ and alongside sound samples collected on tour features his most diverse collection yet. Here’s a sneak peak at both CD’s, the first a weird and often wonderful mix of  his more downtempo tastes, and the second a set more typical of his club selections. Holden returns courtesy of the K7 label, as part of their DJ Kicks series, you’ll have to wait until May 24th, but from the track selection it looks like it’ll be well worth it.

A couple of recent releases worth tracking down come in the form of tech house super producer, Martin Buttrich, and Welsh nu-breaks stalwarts, Hybrid. Buttrich’s ‘Crash Test’ is out now on Desolat, and sounds like all the best bits of his previous work, distilled into a coherent whole. Hybrid’s ‘Disappear Here’ is similarly reassuring in its likeness to previous work, which is no bad thing; there’s a wee sampler up on their website if you fancy a listen.

A couple of updates on some exciting works in progress, come in the form of the first snippet of sound from the new Chemical Brothers album, the 12-minute long cosmic adventure, ‘Escape Velocity’:

And secondly, the first cut taken from Anders Trentemoller’s new record, the delightfully delicate ‘Sycamore Feeling’:

Away from electronics for a minute for the Doves greatest hits, it really does exactly what it says on the tin, but that still makes for a brilliant record; read my review here. In other rock news, Foals next album, Total Life Forever’, will be out on the 10th of May, and according to their Myspace, ‘”You’re going to like it a lot”.

Finally, on a purely personal note, I’m going to go see Leftfield and Aphex Twin at the LED Festival on the August bank holiday, anyone else fancy it?

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