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A Year of Street Observations

December 20, 2011

Before I get stuck into my obligatory end of year lists I thought it would make a nice change to use this space for displaying some interesting, amusing and beautiful things that I – and my more photographically talented half – have observed whilst walking the streets. I’m not going to go into any huge explanations of the images, as I think most of them speak for themselves, but I have included some links to those artists if you want a bit more information. Enjoy:

Crono Project art house featuring work by Os Gêmeos and Blu, Lisbon

Crocodile by Ericailcane, Lisbon

EricailcaneOs Gêmeos and Blu.

Graffiti wall on the Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Lisbon

Story about Lisbon’s thriving street art scene.

Slaughter/Laughter by Kendell Geers, outside the Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo


Peace Wall Mural, Shankhill, Belfast

Peace Wall Flikr Group.

Ben Wilson chewing gum art, The Millenium Bridge, London

Ben Wilson.

A Roa Squirrel, Brooklyn NY


Olek (Agata Oleksiak) yarn-bombed shopping trolley, Bowery NY


Space Invader, Bowery NY

FAILE on the Tony Goldman graffiti wall, Houston and Bowery NY

Obey, Bowery NY


Flaming Cactus installation by the Animus Arts Collective, East Village NY

Animus Arts Collective.

Malark - Urban Fox, Tower Bridge, London


Graffiti Truck, Tower Bridge, London

Banksy - Man & Keith Haring Dog, Grange Road, Bermondsey, London


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